The REAL Man Message
If you want to be a REAL man:
R.espect all people,
E.specially women.
A.lways do the right thing.
L.ive a life that matters.
The  REAL  Solution to Today's Biggest Problem
I believe the single greatest problem in our society today is a lack of respect on the part of our young people.    
In young men, it is a lack of respect for others. It is lack of respect in the attitudes, words, and actions that young men demonstrate toward others. In young women, it is a lack of self-respect. It is a lack of self-esteem, a lack of self-worth, and a lack of self-acceptance and self-love. What we need as a society is a REAL message of respect.
The REAL Woman Message
If you want to be a REAL woman:
R.espect all people,
E.specially yourself.
A.lways do the right thing.
L.ive a life that matters.
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If you want to be a REAL man:
R-espect all people, E-specially women.
A-lways do the right thing. L-ive a life that matters.
Are You For  REAL ?
 What does it mean to be REAL?
~  Be a REAL Man.  Make a REAL Difference.  ~
~   Be  REAL   ~ 
Make a REAL Difference.
When it comes to educating young people… We have to do a better job of reaching & teaching. We have to reach out
to our young men and women--and teach-up our young men and women--if we want to lift up the society that we live in.

We have to do a much better job as a society of promoting a message of respect.
We have to teach respect, preach respect, and most importantly of all, model respect. 
As a society, we ust do more than just talk about respect: We must make RESPECT a way of life.
 Playbook for Manhood  ~  "The most important book of our generation"
"Playbook for Manhood: A game plan for being a REAL man" promotes a powerful message of respect, integrity, courage, and honor. It is written for young men from all walks of life, and it is designed for anyone in a position to influence others. Playbook for Manhood is a great resource for coaches, parents, players, and teams.
Praise & Recognition from Coaches Across the Country and Playbook for Manhood have received praise and recognition from influential and successful coaches across the nation. Among them are: Nick Saban (Alabama), Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), Houston Nutt (Ole Miss), Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Geno Auriema (UCONN), Bill Curry (Georgia State), Dabo Swinney (Clemson), Ken Niumatalolo (Navy), Mike London (UVA), Chris Ault (Nevada), Joe Taylor (FAMU); assistant coaches from Ohio State, Oregon, Grambling State, Kentucky, Mississippi State, University of Florida, Florida State, and Memphis; as well as famous athletes such as Kurt Warner and Emmitt Smith, and high school and college coaches throughout the country.
My goal is to get the REAL Man message into the hearts, heads, and hands of every football coach in America. It is a lofty ambition, but it is a worthy one as well. Visit Amazon’s Playbook for Manhood site to order your copy today, or to purchase copies for your coaching staff, players, and parents:
By building better men, we can help build a better world.
By lifting up our gender, we can lift up the living condition of this entire planet.
Please join me in spreading the REAL Man message, and please join in helping to raise the
quality of our world... by raising the quality of the men who live in it.