Who I Am
About Coach Frank DiCocco's Life and Career
I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with young people throughout the country, coaching the sport of football in  some of the nation’s most prominent and well-respected high school programs. My career includes stops at the following schools: Dwyer High School (FL), Avon Old Farms School (CT), Godby High School (FL), South Pointe High School (SC), Paul VI Catholic High School (VA), Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School (MA), and the Fessenden School (MA).
I am a 2006 graduate of Boston College, having as well as an alumnus of the Avon Old Farms School for boys. Although originally from Connecticut, I call many places “home.” Currently, I reside in Singer Island, Florida, located in Palm Beach County, Florida.
In addition to my coaching career, I also write a nationally-circulated e-mail publication entitled the “Thought of the Week.” 
The “Thought of the Week” articles go out to hundreds of current and former student-athletes, colleagues, friends, and fellow associates throughout the country. They espouse a variety of life lessons and are aimed at helping to continue the personal development of those with whom I have worked in the past, as well as those who are in a position to influence the lives of others.  If you would like to receive the “Thought of the Week” emails, please contact me or send me a brief message at fdicocco@gmail.com
What I Believe In
About Coach DiCocco
Who I Am, What I Believe In, & Why I Coach
Why I Coach
Building Championship People: Molding Men of Character
First and foremost, I am in the profession of coaching to help develop men of character.
I believe in building people; I believe in molding men. Sport—and specifically, the sport of football—provides perhaps the single greatest vehicle by which to impart the lessons that will enable its participants to succeed in every aspect of their lives. Thus, I do not coach merely to be involved with athletics, nor do I coach solely to win games and to build championship teams. I coach to shape lives and to build championship people. 
Building championship football teams is important, but building championship people is even more important.
I coach to create champions in the game of life—people who will be equipped and empowered to win more than just football games on Friday nights, but to achieve victories in the classroom, in the community, in personal relationships and career paths, and in society as a whole.
My mission is to build men of character, men of values, men of purpose, and men of honor.
My aim is to help shape the lives of others in a positive and meaningful way: a way that inspires
individuals to help create a better and more hopeful world for us all.
My Priorities In Life
1. Faith – Something to believe in, something to hope for.
2. Family – The strongest unit in the world; a man’s foundation.
3. Service to Humanity – Contribute to the betterment of your fellow man.
4. Education – A passion for learning; a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.
5. Athletics – The use of sport as a means to teach life lessons & impact lives

My Precepts for Living
1. Always be positive.
2. Always do your best.
3. Always do the right thing.
4. Always be hopeful.
5. Put your faith in a Power
    that is greater than yourself.

The Meaning of Life & The Purpose of Living
The purpose of life is Self-actualization in Service to Others.
The entire aim of life is to make the absolute most of your talents, your opportunities, and your impact on others.
It is to do your absolute best to become your absolute most, so that you may contribute your absolute most to the lives of others and to the world in which you live.  In short, the meaning of life is to play your part—to the absolute best of your ability—to help make the world a better place for us all to live.
Help - Other - People - Excel