A Man's Decisions & Deeds Determine His Destiny
A man can only reach as high as the limits of his character.
The greater the character in the man, the greater the accomplishments of the man.
Sound judgment and moral courage, depth of thought and quality of action, truth and wisdom,
fairness and right-conduct... these are the things that determine a man's destiny.
Character is the essence of a man.
A man can only ascend as high as the limits of his character.
A man of high character can achieve great things and reach great heights.
"Character, not circumstances, makes the man." ~ Booker T. Washington
The Lessons of the Game
Extend Far Beyond the Field of Play
The lessons of the game extend
far beyond the field of play.
They reach deep into the heart
of a man, they touch his soul,
And they shape his life forever more.
Once a man has played the game, 
The man—and his life—
Are never quite the same.
"Football" is the name of the game,
But Building Men is the aim of the game.
Marching Through Life: The Noble Quest
Marching down the field is like marching through life:
The obstacles you meet and the challenges you face,
Teach you how to beat adversity, with both class and grace.
In the game of football, and in the Game of Life,
There is no settling for less, no waiting for the next contest.
There is only the giving of your absolute most,
And striving harder each time, to do your absolute best.
To give your all, no matter the test: that is the definition of success.
To give your best, regardless of the rest:
This is the nature of the noble quest.
The Building Blocks of Character
 The Building Blocks of Character are the traits and habits that help a person
maximize his talent and successfully reach his full potential.
   True Greatness    
Excellence  ~  Personal Pride
Desire ~ Determination ~ Perseverance
Positive Attitude ~ Poise ~ Passion ~ Purpose
Sacrifice ~ Humility ~ Work Ethic ~ Commitment ~ Courage
Respect ~ Unity ~ Responsibility ~ Accountability ~ Discipline ~ Trust

Character Takes You To The Top!
"Being a good football player
is not half as important
as being a gentleman."
~ John Heisman ~
The Keys To Personal Excellence
"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...
these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

~ Coach Eddie Robinson ~