Team First. Team Second.
Team Third.
Me never.
Team! Team!
My Philosophies On Leaderships & Coaching
The Role of a Coach  ~  The Expectations of a Leader 
The Role of a Coach: Building Men & Shaping Lives
First and foremost, a football coach is a leader of men. His job is to help take people from where they are currently, to where they are capable of going in the future. A coach’s job is to lead others to their potential: to bring them to where they are capable of being and to bring their dreams to fruition. A coach’s job is to help transform the present potential into the ideal reality. It is to turn the ideal into the real.
The 100 % Concept: Closing the Gap Between Ideal and Real
The role of a leader is to get individuals to perform to the absolute highest level that their talents and abilities will allow. Whether it is in the classroom or on the athletic field, coaches are responsible for getting 100 % of their students’ and teams’ best efforts and production. Ultimately, I feel it is my obligation to each young person to help close the gap between the person he is at the present moment, and the person who he is capable of becoming. Regardless of whether it is as a student, athlete, or person in general, it is my responsibility to help make reality equal potential. My responsibility as a coach, and my personal obligation as a leader of men,
is to do everything I possibly can to help my student-athletes succeed in the game of football, and more importantly, in the Game of Life.
The Ideal Coach & The Ideals of the Coaching Profession
“To me, the coaching profession is one of the noblest and most far-reaching in building manhood.
    No man is too good to be the athletic coach for youth. Not to drink, not to gamble, not to smoke,
      Not to swear… to be fair-minded… to deal justly… to be honest in thinking and square in dealing…
        Not to bear personal malice or to harbor hatred against rivals… not to be swell-headed in victory
          Or over-alibi in defeat… to be the sportsman and gentleman at all times…
            These should be the ideals of the coach.” ~ Amos Alonzo Stagg
Standards & Expectations 
1. Have a Great Attitude. Give a Great Effort.
2. No Excuses. No Complaints: Just Progress.
3. Play Hard. Play Smart. Play With Poise.
4. Play With Passion. Play With Purpose.
5. Play Your Best. Play at Your Highest Level.
6. Strive for Constant and Consistent Excellence.
7. Carry Yourself With Class At All Times.
8. Respect Your School. Respect Your Team.
9. Respect Your Opponent. Respect the Game.
10. Invest In the Team. Buy Into the Group.
11. Give Your All for Your Brothers.
Be For Each Other.
It Takes 11
It takes all 11,
Working together as 1.
It takes 11 to be #1.
Building Better Coaches For A Better World: Coaches Helping Coaches
For more advice on leadership and coaching, please visit my “Building Better Coaches For A Better World”      forum on the Jerry Campbell Football website:  
The forum is designed to assist coaches in their efforts to build champions on the field and in the game of life.
Building Better Coaches is dedicated to providing resources and ideas to football coaches to help them become better leaders, so that they can build better men, who in turn will go on to build a better society and a better world.
The more I coach, the more I realize that football is less about a game on a Friday night, as it is about an
overall approach to living. As coaches, we must teach skills that will help young men excel in the various
aspects of their lives, and that enable them to achieve success in any and every endeavor which they pursue.
T. E. A. M.
Together - Everyone - Achieves - More
The Power of One
One Team. One Mission. One Goal.
One Mind. One Heartbeat. One Soul.
Teammates for a season.
Brothers for a lifetime.
Family Always.